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01:23 PM Boxedwine Feature #27: Add webgl to WASM build
Using a more recent build of gl4es and emscripten I have managed to get a simple example with textures to run.
Link ...
Kevin O'Dwyer
01:21 PM Boxedwine Bug #35: dynamic WASM core
I came across the CHASM language. This is a simple toy language and associated compiler that produces WASM output:
Kevin O'Dwyer


07:34 AM Boxedwine Bug #36 (New): browserFS thousand of exceptions raised/caught
BrowserFS is used in the emscripten build
The Filesystem code is structured such that in the *normal* case it routin...
Kevin O'Dwyer
07:28 AM Boxedwine Feature #27: Add webgl to WASM build
Summary of changes made while investigating
Performed testing using examples from:
Kevin O'Dwyer


06:30 AM Boxedwine Bug #35: dynamic WASM core
Updated main.c attached
This demonstrates building up WASM modules on the fly. The modules are not compiled from sou...
Kevin O'Dwyer


12:56 PM Boxedwine Bug #35: dynamic WASM core
attach correct c file Kevin O'Dwyer
12:29 PM Boxedwine Bug #35 (New): dynamic WASM core
Investigate further a dynamic core based on the ARM cores.
It should build emscripten WASM side modules on demand
Kevin O'Dwyer


01:02 AM Boxedwine Feature #27: Add webgl to WASM build
Branch emscripten/integrate-gl4es updated with latest gl4es. No change to js file required. Still testing compatabili... Kevin O'Dwyer
12:59 AM Boxedwine Bug #34 (Resolved): Emscripten breakage: BaseAudioContext.createScriptProcessor buffer size must now be power of two between 256 and 16384
Fixed in branch emscripten/minor-fixes
Kevin O'Dwyer


10:48 AM Boxedwine Revision 5e4da4a0 (boxedwine-source): emscripten audio buffer must be pow of 2 now
Kevin O'Dwyer

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