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edeec5f4 11/04/2020 01:26 AM James Bryant

Merge branch 'james/ARMv8'

  1. Conflicts:
  2. platform/windows/memory64.cpp
  3. project/mac-xcode/Boxedwine/Boxedwine.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
  4. project/msvc/BoxedWine/BoxedWine/BoxedWine.vcxproj.filters
  5. source/emulation/cpu/x64/x64CPU.cpp...
e4c4481e 11/04/2020 12:52 AM James Bryant

Added bound unit test

cbea38f6 09/09/2020 09:14 PM James Bryant

Abstracted out the binary translator a little bit more.

b1382798 08/26/2020 06:31 PM James Bryant

Forgot to exclude helpView.cpp from the Windows test build

62b04398 08/26/2020 06:09 PM James Bryant

Forgot to include the windows project file changes for the last checkin

67d2cde6 08/26/2020 06:08 PM James Bryant

Added a help button for Boxedwine UI. It still needs to be populated with more help, but its a start. Also added the ability for display hyperlinks in Boxedwine UI.

10ef894f 07/22/2020 12:09 AM James Bryant

ARMv8: fixed windows build

b0b00405 06/22/2020 07:45 AM James Bryant

Started working on ARM dynamic core

da26c373 06/08/2020 05:42 PM James Bryant

Abstracted out the SDL code for events and windows

906b56d7 06/05/2020 10:27 AM James Bryant

Removed the SDL2 preprocessor flag. SDL 1 will no longer be supported. I also separated the SDL audio specific code out of devdsp and into its own file.

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