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# Target version Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
37 Bug OpenGL New Normal opengl differences between builds James Bryant 02/28/2021 04:40 PM Actions
36 Bug Emscripten New Normal browserFS thousand of exceptions raised/caught Kevin O'Dwyer 08/22/2020 07:34 AM Actions
35 Investigate Bug Emscripten New Normal dynamic WASM core Kevin O'Dwyer 12/12/2020 01:21 PM Actions
34 20.2.X Bug Audio Resolved Normal Emscripten breakage: BaseAudioContext.createScriptProcessor buffer size must now be power of two between 256 and 16384 Kevin O'Dwyer 11/04/2020 04:57 PM Actions
33 20.1.X Bug Emulator Closed Normal Quake 2 demo doesn't work with 32-bit build and new file systems James Bryant 06/16/2020 10:06 AM Actions
32 Backlog Bug OpenGL New Normal OpenGL for 32-bit Boxedwine is unstable James Bryant 05/23/2020 04:07 PM Actions
31 Backlog Bug WINE New Normal Closing an app in Wine 1.6 and Wine 1.7 will hang James Bryant 05/21/2020 06:32 PM Actions
30 20.2.X Bug WINE New Normal Copy/Paste text does not work starting in Wine 1.7 James Bryant 11/04/2020 04:57 PM Actions
25 20.1.X Bug UX Closed Normal Boxedwine UI should have an option to delete all data James Bryant 05/15/2020 03:38 PM Actions
24 20.1.X Bug Mac Closed Normal Mac crashes in UI when selecting the Install tab James Bryant 05/11/2020 05:02 PM Actions
19 Backlog Bug Input (Mouse/Keyboard/Joystick) Closed Normal Mouse Move can cause a game pause James Bryant 11/04/2020 04:51 PM Actions
18 20.1.X Bug OpenGL Closed Normal Screen flickers a lot when games test resolutions James Bryant 05/10/2020 10:21 PM Actions
16 20.2.X Bug UX New Normal UI: work on keyboard support, such as tab key James Bryant 11/04/2020 04:56 PM Actions
12 Backlog Bug Emulator New Normal Sometime Wine will fail to create the first window James Bryant 05/30/2020 09:28 AM Actions
5 20.1.X Bug UX Closed Normal Tooltips in the UI get clipped if the tooltip width is greater than the window width James Bryant 05/12/2020 03:44 AM Actions
4 20.1.X Bug Emulator Closed Normal Sometimes for no reason Wine will reinitialize .wine directory James Bryant 05/21/2020 04:42 PM Actions
3 20.1.X Bug UX Closed Normal UI App Choser doesn't show Wine apps James Bryant 05/14/2020 01:57 AM Actions
2 20.1.X Bug UX Closed Normal UI should save size of Window James Bryant 05/13/2020 02:57 AM Actions
1 20.1.X Bug UX Closed Normal Closing the SDL Window should not just terminate Wine James Bryant 05/12/2020 03:46 AM Actions

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