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From 10/29/2020 to 11/27/2020


09:58 PM Boxedwine Feature #22: Add support for mounting ISOs
jmarsh on the boxedwine thread at stated
"FWIW, early 2000s/win98 era safedisc protection is pretty eas...
James Bryant


09:19 PM Boxedwine Wiki edit: Troubleshooting (#5)
James Bryant
09:19 PM Boxedwine Wiki edit: Troubleshooting (#4)
James Bryant
05:21 PM Boxedwine Wiki edit: Build_Status (#7)
James Bryant
04:51 PM Boxedwine Bug #19 (Closed): Mouse Move can cause a game pause
James Bryant
01:26 AM Boxedwine Revision edeec5f4 (boxedwine-source): Merge branch 'james/ARMv8'
# Conflicts:
# platform/windows/memory64.cpp
# project/mac-xcode/Boxedwine/Boxedwine.xcodeproj/project.pb...
James Bryant
12:52 AM Boxedwine Revision e4c4481e (boxedwine-source): Added bound unit test
James Bryant


01:03 AM Boxedwine Revision 5a2195ba (boxedwine-source): Updated the version to 20.1.2. Also fixed a minor issue with file sytem dependencies.
James Bryant
12:21 AM Boxedwine Revision 13584d81 (boxedwine-source): Restored the ability for the x64 Windows build to map native memory. Now it can map a 64-bit pointer returned from OpenGL and use it in the 32-bit emulated process. This fixes Fire Fight and Age of Empires.
James Bryant


07:41 PM Boxedwine Revision 0a1e5d54 (boxedwine-source): Fixed an issue when a program create a GDI window while a GL window is still open. This fixes a regression with Age of Empires.
James Bryant
04:14 PM Boxedwine Revision cb15bdc0 (boxedwine-source): Fixed a regression in the dynamic core for the sub instruction when it doesn't need to calculated flags. This was caused by 5e53844 (July 6, 2020)
James Bryant


12:52 AM Boxedwine Revision f8ef12c9 (boxedwine-source): Added some more cpu unit tests.
James Bryant

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